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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dang Kahyangan Temple - Gunung Payung

Dang Kahyangan Temple - Gunung Payung
Finding the fountain in the middle of barren hills is a matchless gift. Similarly with one's spiritual quest for the Creator. Dang Kahyangan Gunung Payung Temple located in the hills south coast of Bali. Or about 30 kilometers south of Denpasar. This temple is located in the Adat Kutuh village South Kuta Badung District.

Location temple located in the hilly terrain makes Dang Kahyangan Gunung Payung Temple also called the Temple Mount Umbrella. How is the history of the Temple Mount Umbrella? Meaning what is contained behind its foundation?

WORD "Umbrella" which is given to the name of this sacred building is not taken from the scene of hills resembling an umbrella. However, the name is strongly associated with the sacred journey of the holy sages Danghyang Nirartha or Danghyang Dwijendra.

Based on a sacred journey ejection (dharmayatra) Maharesi Danghyang Dwijendra, named after the sages came to Luhur Uluwatu Temple and give advice to local communities to utilize and preserve, Danghyang Nirartha then travels eastward through the hills.

When he arrived in a very beautiful area and has a strong spiritual vibration, precisely on the southwest Bualu (now Desa Adat Kutuh), Danghyang Nirartha along with his entourage rest to unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery in places he was footing.

Hearing the arrival of sages, the surrounding community came in droves please arrange worship and religious guidance to him. After listening to citizen complaints and provide guidance to the people around, then Danghyang Nirartha trying to meet the demand of residents.

Danghyang Nirartha then plugged up the umbrella he was carrying. Thanks to the spiritual power possessed, suddenly splash holy water from the handle of her umbrella. Holy water and the silence is further exploited by him, the bridesmaids and the surrounding community.

Before leaving the village sages to resume the sacred journey back, he gave advice to the local community in order to constantly keep water Amrita (Water of life) that comes out of the cracked from umbrella. And the surrounding community, the holy water at the site was erected a temple that is now known as the Temple Mount Umbrella.

Water source in the form of small bulakan to date remain untreated and always dry though never long dry season hit. Water in this bulakan that in their daily use as tirta given to every people who put in devotion to the Dang Kahyangan Gunung Payung Temple.

Indigenous Bendesa Kutuh, South Kuta Litra Wayan said, the temple is guard by Desa Adat Kutuh manners. Trusted by the people there, the Dang Kahyangan Gunung Payung Temple is the source of life or manners Kutuh source of prosperity.

Although in-medicinal manners Kutuh Adat village, hereditary facts show that the temple is also a place of worship of Hindus from outside the village of Indigenous Kutuh.

Trust, the temple is the manifestation berstana Sang Hyang Sri Batari namely Widhi Wasa and Batari Danu characterized by gedong Linggih. Pamedek that Tangkil to the temple, especially when piodalan coming from all directions in order to nunas kerahayuan to Him.

Therefore, based on the fact that existing literature, since the year 2005, the existence of Temple Mount Umbrella has been recognized and approved by Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Badung regency of Badung regency and the Office of Religious Affairs as one of the six existing Kahyangan Dang Pura in Badung regency.

The physical condition Dang Kahyangan Gunung Payung Temple some time ago quite apprehensive. Some damage at pelinggih and temple building occurred. In addition to age and natural factors, this condition is also not free from financial limitations pangempon manners to do the maximum treatment.

Pangempon any parley, took the initiative to rehabilitate and arrange the Dang Kahyangan Gunung Payung Temple in order to always maintain the purity and sanctity of the temple and its surroundings. Beside that, to provide security and comfort to the faithful who perform prayers.

Behind the limitations that occur during this time, then gradually manners pangempon numbering 600 families begin the restoration and remodeling temple in October 2007. The restoration to cost approximately USD 1.5 billion, in which the funds used came from the government, donors and NGOs. The restoration was completed before piodalan pelinggih in this temple which falls on purnamaning kaulu sasih kaulu or falls around January 2008.

Today, as ever, especially Kutuh Village manners are always working to take care of temples that have historical value. Pangempon temple on an ongoing basis every three months once held a cleanup at the temple. As for day-to-day, there are some who are ready to lap jero ngaturang father in order to maintain the sanctity of the temple or to serve the people who Tangkil to this temple.

Dang Kahyangan Temple - Gunung Payung

Dang Kahyangan Temple - Gunung Payung

Dang Kahyangan Temple - Gunung Payung


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