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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nyepi | Cultures of Denpasar

Nyepi is a Hindu anniversary that is acclaimed every year Fresh Saka.This day avalanche on a calculation Tilem Kesanga (IX) which is believed to be on the ablution of the gods at the centermost of ocean baptize Amrita brings the aspect of life.

For that Hindus do adoration angelic to them.Nyepi is acquired from the quiet (silent, silent). Nyepi Day is absolutely a anniversary of the Hindu Fresh Year is based on agenda / Saka calendar, which began in 78 AD.

Unlike the anniversary of fresh year AD, Saka Fresh Year in Bali begins with solitude. No action as usual.
Abolished all activity, including accessible services, such as the International Airport was closed, but not for hospitals. The capital purpose Nyepi is argumentation afore the Almighty God, to absolve Buwana Alit (human attributes / microcosmos) and Buwana Supreme / conception (universe). Afore Nyepi, there are several alternation of ceremonies performed Hindus, decidedly in the areas of Bali. Three or two canicule afore Nyepi, Hindus accomplish ritual ablution by Melasti additionally alleged Melis / Mekiyis.

On that day, all agency of adoration at Temple (shrine) in advance to the bank or lake, because the sea or basin is the antecedent of angelic baptize (Tirta Amrita) and can absolve all leteh (gross) in man and nature. The day afore Nyepi, namely the "tilem sasih Kesanga" (moon of the 9th), the Hindus accomplish ceremonies Yadnya Dark in all levels of society, from anniversary family, banjo, village, commune and beyond, by demography one of the types caru (such offerings) according to his ability. Yadnya blind, anniversary called Panca Sata (small), Panca Relatives (medium), and Tawur Great (large).

Tawur or pecaruan itself is a ablution / pemarisuda Buta Kala, and all leteh (soiling) are all accepted to disappear. Caru undertaken at home anniversary consisting of adopted rice (five) totaled nine bound blush / amalgamation pauknya and side, like craven brumbun (colorful) with tetabuhan wine / wine. Yadnya dark is addressed to The Dark King, Dark and Batara Kala Kala, with the allurement them not to afflict the congregation. Mecaru Pengerupukan followed by a ceremony, which is advance advance tawur rice, torch-obori home and about the yard, menyemburi abode and backyard with gunpowder, and hitting any altar (usually kentongan) to allege awash / noisy. This date is performed to drive out of the home ambiance Buta Kala, yards, and the surrounding environment.

Lodging in Bali, pengrupukan usually aggressive by the array Ogoh-Ogoh which embodies Buta Kala who paraded about the neighborhood, and again burned. The aforementioned ambition which is expelled from the surrounding ambiance Buta Kala. The abutting day, ie on Kedasa Purnama (full moon to-10), it was Hari Raya Nyepi real. In today's atmosphere as dead. No active action as usual. On this day Hindus accomplish "Catur Brata" which consists of celebratory Penyepian geni (no berapi-api/tidak use and or about-face on the fire), beam the assignment (not working), beam lelungan (not traveling), and beam lelanguan (not listeningentertainment). And for those who can additionally accomplish tapa, Brata, yoga and semadhi. So for the new, absolutely fresh alpha with a apple-pie white page.

To alpha a fresh action in the year Caka any, base is used, so that aggregate we do starts from nothing, authentic and clean. Anniversary men of ability (the wruhing tattwa Jnana) apparatus Brata (curbing the passions), yoga (connecting the body with paramatma (God), tapa (endurance exercise suffer), and ambition (united to God, the ultimate aim is the adherence of close and outer). All of it becomes acute for Hindus to accept an close address to face any claiming action in the fresh year. The addiction of adulatory the anniversary with the pleasure-loving, gambling, abandonment is article amiss habits and should be changed.The aftermost alternation of the Saka Fresh Year anniversary is a day that avalanche on Geni Ngembak "ping pinanggal kalih" (date 2) sasih kedasa (X months).

On this day the Saka Fresh Year for a additional day. Hindus do Dharma Shanti with ample families and neighbors, accord acknowledgment and apologetic absolve anniversary added (ksama) anniversary other, to activate a fresh year a apple-pie sheet. The amount aesthetics Tattwamasi Dharma Santi is a appearance that all animal beings all over the apple as the conception of Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa should adulation anniversary added with anniversary other, absolve all the mistakes and errors. Live in accord and peace.







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