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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tumpek Krulut | Cultures of Denpasar

Tumpek Krulut
Tumpek Krulut Day falls on Saturday, kliwon, wuku Krulut, every 6 months (210 days) once. So, this holiday is celebrated one month after celebrating Brass. On this day we worship God in manistasinya as the god Iswara. We are grateful for the creation of sacred sounds / percussion. In society, 'tetabuhan' is synonymous with "Gong", rather than by the term 'gamelan'. Therefore, at this day is also often referred to as Odalan Gong. The goal to be the voice for the completeness of the ceremony has a beautiful voice and "taksu".

Tumpek Krulut also a day of love. Affection was manifested in the form of beauty, in this case the sound of gamelan. Who was revered in Tumpek Krulut is Ida Sanghyang Widi Wasa in its manifestation as Dewi Semara Ratih.

Tumpek Krulut also known as "Contemporary Lulut". The word "Lulut" in Balinese language means that the fabric / circuit. But it could also be interpreted as a blend with the beauty of the hearts (Sundaram) so that the mind becomes peaceful. In that context, we really need to balance the art of live entertainment.

Some sources also mention that Tumpek Krulut, is the day on which God in his prestige as Siwanataraja down to earth to dance to 36 tatwa in order to improve the life of the great globe and globe alit. To accompany the dance, people play a gamelan or gong. In the city of Denpasar, since a few years ago, there was a procession of meaning Tumpek Krulut by displaying a variety of arts, dance and percussion. In Tumpek Krulut, the entire device to create a gong sounded Santha taste or sense of peace. With a sense of peace, is expected to create inner and outer wellbeing.


In Balinese concept of sound is important, so is there a term wija holy script. From there came the sound of civilization that is known clapper, Sunari, pinekan, kulkul and various types of gamelan made of openwork, iron or bamboo. In addition to the voice of civilization, in Bali also known civilizations colors and flavors. While the ritual Tumpek Krulut, related to vote in this civilization or the gamelan gong. Associated with voice, sound griengan beetle is also of concern to the Kawi in ancient times either during the sasih Kapat known as Ngapat tradition. Purnama Kapat be a good opportunity for nyastra, write and discuss works beautifully. The poet usually go to the beach and the mountains to capture the beauty of nature, listening to birds singing, waves, watching the beauty of flower petals, heard the voice griengan beetles and so on. That's all captured and then poured in the form of literature.

Meaning of worship is none other Tumpek Krulut explore tetabuhan spirit that gave birth to the shade and strength. The tone and the sound has an incredible supernatural powers, even believed to be a major force. In the context of the worship of the natural harmony can be achieved by raising the power of Shiva in order to move. Creative movement of Shiva as the strains are known Siwanataraja tone. In philosophical cult sounds when Tumpek Krulut control implies Tri Guna (satwam, rajas, and tamas) and Tri Marga namely dharma, artha and kama.

When the strains further understand the tones of nature is a process towards harmonization. In order to achieve harmonization of this nature needs to be done contemplation and praying to God in its manifestation as Shiva.

Tumpek Krulut


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