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Friday, October 14, 2011

Magibung / Megibung | Cultures of Denpasar

Magibung / Megibung
One of the heritage that is still running well in the Kemoning village Klungkung Bali is the tradition of eating together is better known as "Magibung", There is also a calling "Megibung". Is the idiosyncrasies of magibungan it? Is it just to eat together?

Magibungan is a tradition of eating together that followed the rules of customary even sanctions if there are errors or there is a deliberate violation of rules in running magibungan it. Usually magibungan was carried out with the formal rules when implemented eat together / magibungan in traditional formal events such as eat together in Banjar or the traditional village when it will be held a traditional ceremony.
Customary rules in Kemoning magibungan can be broadly described as follows:

1. Magibung number of participants, including the number of people who eat one serving of food must be 4 people but magibungan in Karangasem usually eat one serving magibungan must consist of at least 8 people. In the event magibungan conducted formally customary when participants in one serving of less than 4 people so the portion magibungan was abolished. Usually every event there are dozens of food portions magibungan so many people seen sitting together enjoying meals magibungan.

2. Menu in one portion magibungan consists of five types lawar, six satay lilit, the sequence (sausages bali), Komoh (minced meat sauce). Meat is the basis lawar or satay depends who has the show, can be pork or duck meat.

3. Rule of eat magibungan, participants magibungan should start eating at the same time and when finished eating must also simultaneously. Magibungan abstinence for participants to leave the food when all participants magibungan not finished eating. Although eating together from one serving of food, magibungan participants must maintain the cleanliness and decency when making every meal because food bribes should not be scattered so that the impression is not clean so that it would interfere with the other participants eat.

4. Still in the dining magibungan rules, each participant will eat normally sequential in taking in magibungan side dish, side dish that is eaten is first lawar. There are five types lawar such as jackfruit lawar, lawar Nyuh, lawar beans, lawar meat, lawar starfruit leaves. If the menu has been exhausted, next the lawar satay. While komoh can be eaten since early start magibungan.

Meaning contained in magibungan tradition is the tradition of togetherness / communal thick as a form of inheritance (local ginius) of the ancestors in the Kemoning village. One of the advantages in the tradition of eating together / magibungan is the committee / hosts every celebration customs purposes can estimate lawar and satay as an invitation to come because participants magibungan been rationed by fitting the number lawar & sate any portion magibungan package, participants may only add to the rice in each of these magibungan celebration, so it is easy to compute mathematically the purposes of sate and lawar which will be presented.

Magibungan tradition in the Kemoning village has lasted longer and is still maintained by the preservation of all manners Kemoning village.

Magibung / Megibung

Magibung / Megibung

Magibung / Megibung

Magibung / Megibung


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