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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Timbis Beach | Cultures of Denpasar

Timbis Beach
Timbis beach is located south of the Bali island. The beach is exclusive for fans of paragliding or fly kites Indonesia. So for those who pursue this hobby either from abroad or local Indonesia, Timbis Beach is not a foreign place. This beach is located in the Village Kutuh - South Kuta about 30 km from Denpasar or 15 km from Kuta. Or just 7 km from Nusa Dua.

This place was introduced by businessman Bernard Fode a French citizen who was also a paragliding instructor Bali. It started about twenty years ago.

Timbis beach is an option to place the players flying and landing the kite. Whether it Paragliding or Hang Glidig. Of course there are special requirements in order that a place can be used to place the aircraft took off for not wearing a parachute this engine.

The main one is the contour of the ridge, must meet certain steepness which makes it possible to develop an umbrella before flying. Because not like Sky Dive paragliding or parachuting from an airplane. Umbrellas are used almost like it's just that way and the technique was initially reversed.

Because the one starting from the ground means it needs to take off, while parachuting rely solely on automated or manual mechanisms to develop an umbrella.

Consistent winds are also a consideration of a place can be used for paragliding airstrip. In addition there should also be a place for an emergency landing field for instance or the fields or the beach. Timbis It meets all these requirements.

Peak popularity Timbis Coast is now used to show Asian Beach Games which was followed by 42 Asian countries. Of the 18 sports are contested one of them is this paragliding.

From the syllable "paragliding" is a kind of a conveyance to fly by using a parachute as a wing and nylon yarn with a certain strength as hanger. For the convenience of flying pilots wear "harness" or the buffer body, combined with seat.

This harness also has many functions, among others, the main thing is the rudder, both as a wrapper umbrella, umbrella stand as the third and fourth emergency backup for carrying extra ballast when the wind is rather large. Other functions also as a backup safety who called from the back of the air bag harness come to the passage below. The main harness is also the holder of an additional harness that is used to transport passengers or tendem.

Timbis beach has a height of 110 meters above sea level. If the wind direction just straight from the south towards the pilot can fly freely the direction of Nusa Dua or Uluwatu. You could be swinging over a swimming pool Bali Cliff Hotel or you can enjoy the sensation of flying over the Hotel Nikko Nusa Dua.

Fly on the Beach Timbis certainly very exciting because vast blue sea that stretches. You will feel the wind whistling from paragliding ropes give voice tone that may have never heard of. Depending on the level of proficiency, you can perform some maneuvers, such as rotating 360 °, which in this way you can reduce the height or the sensation of G-Force.

You also should not be able to fly to enjoy Timbis Coast and surrounding areas, you can tandem with some veteran pilots who manage this resort. Among Ketut Manda and Bernard Fode. They also provide special rates for travelers Indonesia. Due to stranger fare "tandem" or flight is $50 U.S. The word was actually hitchhike here in a paragliding is not appropriate because you are not behind but in front of the pilot's pilot.

Timbis coast from the air looks different, you can see patches of seaweed plantations. You also get to watch from nearby luxury villas on the cliffs towards Uluwatu and Nusa Dua or Sawangan.

But not only the beauty of the scenery you see as well you will fly over the temple along this cliff, among others, from the east Nusa Dua is Pura Geger, then Pura Barong-Barongan Sawangan both located in the Village, and Gunung Payung Temple, walked Kelod Pura, Pura Penyarikan, Penyekjekan temple is located in the Village Kutuh. Ungasan Village you will pass on the temple stones Pageh and several temples towards the west.

Flew over the temple need a little extra attention, because the temple in Bali sakral by Hindus, we must pay special attention not to fly just above or too close to the temple.

Since the contour of the south coast cliffs like letters upside-down U, then it is risky if you fly over a certain limit, the risk of loss of air pressure, which lowers the height or have an emergency landing far from the reach of transport. This could be avoided if we had good communication with local local aviators. Ask before you go or ask before getting lost.

Paragliding sports require certification, you can not just have the tools and fly at will. There are rules and regulations as a member and have a pilot certificate. Once you have passed and certified. Sure you can fly anytime you want. But to fly in a new location you must have enough information from the local local aviators. Locations which may and may not fly.

Actually in Bali is not only in Cote Timbis just kite flying locations, you can fly in the hills of Dasa Temple, also flew from Mount Batur, Kintamani. But for the flexibility to fly with a radius that is so long for the soaring (flying soaring surf), the beach is the best Timbis.

Timbis Beach

Timbis Beach

Timbis Beach

Timbis Beach

Timbis Beach


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